Collaborative aims and values

The Collaborative aims to:

  • create a virtual centre of excellence around mental health education, training and workforce transformation.
  • provide a “go to” voice for HEE and other national bodies on issues relating to mental health workforce issues.
  • allow members to collaborate (collectively or bilaterally) to develop and share evidence based good practice.
  • support the pursuit of shared business development opportunities in the UK and internationally.

The Collaborative Values are:

  • The Collaborative has developed the following values which underpin the work of the Collaborative.  The members are committed to:
  • The development of consistent MH best practice across a National Health Service for England and associated education, training and workforce development to enable this.
  • A shared endeavour with commitment from all member organisations
  • The robust evaluation of the effectiveness and impact of its work
  • Openness and transparency between member organisations
  • Valuing the input of people with lived experience in the design and delivery of its activities

Collaborative Statement of Commitment

Mental health Trusts across England will demonstrate commitment to provide long-term support for wellbeing of staff and invest in their staff’s mental resilience by reviewing resources to ensure their workplaces are supportive, nurturing and recovery enhancing.