Work area: Workforce design

Apprenticeship workshop – Part I

The workshop was arranged for May 2018 by the National Workforce Skills Development Unit and brought together a group of Apprenticeship and Business Development leads from the Collaborative and representatives from Health Education England(HEE), Skills for Care, Skills for Health and CareTech (Who is partnering with the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust in its current delivery of social care apprenticeships) to discuss the apprenticeship standards and consider the Collaborative apprenticeship approach, including the exploration of the feasibility of developing a trailblazer group. The workshop conclusions and the recommendations are described in this report.

The workshop was designed to explore the discussion points raised in the discussion document:

  • Exploring current Apprenticeship approaches and opportunities from a Collaborative member perspective
  • Gathering most currentinformation from national bodies on the developing Apprenticeship agenda
  • Exploring the potentialroles that may be supported via apprenticeships
  • Considering the need forany new standards to support the development of the mental health workforce
  • Considering the need /benefit of developing a Collaborative based Apprenticeship standard trailblazergroup
  • Exploring the challengesin Apprenticeship delivery (Procurement and education supplier issues ect)
  • Considering the overallapproach to apprenticeship delivery and the potential role of the Collaborativein this.

The recommendations of the apprenticeship workshop from May 2018 were:

Option 1

To become a national Mental Health Collaborative Provider. This would be a new legal entity and the entity would register and be regulated as a Provider.

Option 2

To form a hub and spoke provision with one Trust as the lead legal entity and ‘sub-contracting’ arrangements in place with other Trusts. This would require legal agreements but provide an umbrella recognisable branded entity for the delivery of these apprenticeships.

Option 3

To form a marketing umbrella, with a loose association of partner Trusts working together but each providing their own offer in their own locations or potentially providing on each other’s premises through a series of unilateral agreements.

Apprenticeship workshop – Part II

A second workshop is being planned for 9th November 2018.This workshop will:

  • consider current provision and structure, future plans and potential contribution in specialised provision from each Trust,
  • develop an appropriate Collaborative apprenticeship action plan, and
  • consider end-point assessor provision.