Workshop on strategic workforce planning in mental health settings


The Collaborative is organising a strategic workforce planning workshop on 5th March 2020 in London. This workshop aims to help representatives from MH Trusts in England to plan how to improve mental health services / outcomes for patients and also to support their work towards the commitments within the NHS report ‘Five Year Forward View for Mental Health’ and NHS Long Term Plan. This workshop will try to set the context for strategic workforce planning in mental health and service design. It will also establish common understanding of how the population and public mental health will look like so better strategic workforce planning decisions can be made.

The Collaborative is inviting all NHS Trusts in England, that provide MH services, to the second of the series of workshops to focus on strategic mental health workforce planning issues from a provider view. We are inviting the Director of Nursing, Director of HR and Director of Organisational Development / Training.

Workshop presentations:

Presentation by Public Health England:

Understanding macro-level England’s population and public mental health in order to facilitate: strategic workforce planning and service planning in mental health, and  engagement with STPs and ICS.

Presentation by NHS England and NHS Improvement (TBC)

Mental health workforce growth: the challenge and the opportunity

Presentation by Health Education England

Health Education England approach to strategic workforce planning in Mental Health

Workforce planning models and sharing good practice

  • WRaPT – A strategic workforce planning tool for health and social care: the background, examples of the tool and its impact – presentation by GE Healthcare Partners Limited
  • Skills Mix modelling – presentation by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Calderdale Framework